Retrospective Family is a tribute to the family memories. Snapshots our forefathers picked out in an attempt to conceal the Family History. The photos show the time of a family in the 1950 and 60’ies. Stylistically they are recognisable and typical for especially the upper middleclass of the time. The dresses, children’s wear and cars still inspire the aesthetics of today.


Despite being amateurs when it comes to photography, the Family created an album that evokes astonishment and nostalgia – even for the unrelated. With this exhibition the photographers show great photographic flair and comprehension for technical precision.




Retrospective Family is a retrospect on everyday life seen through the eyes of an ordinary family. The retrospect does not include historically important pictures, but they are nonetheless glorious in their dullness. The significance of these photos were to be found in the family’s private albums and can today be seen as archaeology of the human condition.


Photo albums have only been around for 100 years, and their form is already in dissolution. In recent years they have become digital, shareable and pulled out of the family's hands. The annual family gatherings are now documented by a younger generation - a generation that evaluates, display and filters reality in a new way. Existence is staged in a new form. Nowadays old photo albums rarely come out for a nostalgic glance, and no new ones will be added to the analogue collection.


But in a time when photos are edited, exposed and filtered as never before, it becomes again interesting to pull out the old photo albums to see them in contrast to today's digital slides.


Retrospective Family pulls a family album out in the public light after 60 years in the private saving in an attempt to put contemporary concepts like family, leisure and vacation in perspective. Through the many facets of photography, the exhibition further questions our perception of authenticity and honesty.





The exhibition shows fragments of the family Jeppesen's moments in the years 1950-1970.


Through a selection of 24 photos the exhibition presents fragments of a family's time through intimate settings from everyday life and travel.


The exhibition takes the viewer back in time, back when the family album was reserved for only the close family to open. Through the 24 snapshots, the exhibition will travel from a nostalgic setting in Sweden to a trivial atmosphere in the Danish province Silkeborg and all the way to the more exotic Southern Europe. All captured with a sense of aesthetics from the photographers Ole and Anne-Marie Jeppesen.


Retrospective Family was  part of the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2016 an could be seen at the culture venue BIBILIOTEKET from the 2. – 30. June 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The exhibition is curated by Liv Høybye Jeppesen, photo journalist and grand daughter in cooperation with Mads Greve, photographer and professor in photo journalism.


Behind the exhibition is three grand daughters of Ole and Anne Marie Jeppesen, who have produced the exhibition together with Polygon in close connection to Anne Marie Jeppesen.





Rentemestervej 76

2400 Copenhagen NV



2. – 30. June 2016

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